Saturday, January 24, 2015

SAMPLE: ExhibitBE tells an empowering street story in a city like none other. #NOLArt

Check out these Google+ images from ExhibitBE, the star installation from this year's Prospect.3: New Orleans' contemporary fall arts festival. The "largest single-site street art exhibit in the American South" exited with a spectacular encore last Monday, and for those interested in a post script, hurry over to the How to BE panel discussion with local artist and organizer Brandan Odums at 2pm on the Xavier University campus today. The event is free, open to the public and runs til 4pm.

ExhibitBE was an endlessly inspiring, adventurous experience that wove a powerful story through the soul of an abandoned apartment complex, transforming it into a beacon of creativity and cooperation -- a perfect celebration of today's New Orleans. Each turn in the five-story complex features street art and graffiti displays both towering and subtle; and equally striking. Follow ExhibitBE's ongoing efforts to celebrate the power of street art at

And keep up to date with all of the fascinating events happening throughout New Orleans during this closing weekend of P.3 on the triennial festival's Facebook page
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