Saturday, November 19, 2011

A beer with John Muir, the original hippie.

"A thousand Yellowstone wonders are calling, 'Look up and down and round about you!' And a multitude of still, small voices may be heard directing you to look through all this transient, shifting show of things called 'substantial' into the truly substantial spiritual world whose forms flesh and wood, rock and water, air and sunshine, only veil and conceal, and to learn that here is heaven and the dwelling-place of the angels." John Muir, Wilderness Essays 

I just finished reading Muir's essay on Yellowstone National Park, man, I really need to get out there, and see for myself what he describes so beautifully. I love reading Muir, what a wonderful soul he was, and a true hero. He used passion and intelligence to fight for Nature, peacefully; a worthy cause in my opinion, and a noble effort.

He was the original hippie, and I use the term endearingly. To me, a hippie is one who understands, and appreciates the underlying beauty of certain things, such as the natural world. I came to know my inner hippie having moved out west, to Colorado, after Hurricane Katrina forced me to think about my uninspired life at the time. I've since happily embraced him, and I find life to be much more meaningful for it, especially considering how much nicer he is than the dude in me was.

In fact, the dude in me died in the Rocky Mountains. I buried him there on a hike years ago. And while my old drinking buddies would certainly disagree, I believe he deserved to die, so that the hippie in me might live on, and experience life as it is, naturally. My new friend John Muir would understand. And even though I doubt he was much of a drinker, I'd like to think he would have enjoyed a good, local brew now and again. So here's to you, John Muir, may you continue to inspire the soul, and awaken in us our true selves with your old hippie ways!

written whilst drinking a Colorado Native Lager, a fine beer with an unfortunate reputation, due to its funding. A product of the admittedly lame, and massively boring Coors Brewing Co., most see it as a knock-off craft beer; a desperate marketing attempt to cash in on the Craft Beer Revolution we're witnessing of late. But it's brewed off-site, by noble and passionate brewers, and it's meticulously executed and quaffable. It's also made with 99% locally sourced ingredients, which is something I'm sure my boy John Muir would appreciate. 

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